Buidling project Blog


It's coming along!  For the past 2 weeks we have needed to commandeer one of the new clinical rooms to use as a waiting room while the actual waiting area was being gutted.  Patients have been, well....very patient with the new set up, finding their way to a side entrance where we temporarily secreted a Patient Coordinator to greet and assist our visitors.  Thank goodness for the sunshine which allowed patients to get some vitamin D while waiting to be seen.

The Patient Coordinators -  who take the telephone calls - have also been uprooted and are working out of the adjacent clinical room.  There are no blinds at the window yet, however, flip chart paper has been put into action to serve as a sun shield for the team until their office behind the waiting room is ready.

Last Friday evening, the bullders gave us the waiting room back!  All change again as we pop the new seating into the bare space in readiness for the patients.  The protective wall strips haven't arrived as yet and so all the chairs are away from the walls making the room look much like a cinema set up at the moment.

It is a constant game of moving people and furniture from room to room to allow even the existing rooms to be decorated and have new vinyl flooring laid. 

It is an absolute joy to have so many positive comments from our patients.  This is your community surgery and we want the surgery....and us, to be the best we can be.

Ps:  We have started planning a big open day event for the beginning of September.  I will post the date as soon as it is confirmed.


A dusty affair!  Now that the builders are properly inside the surgery, there always seems to be a layer of dust everywhere.  The building team are doing their best to work around staff and patients in a grand effort to complete the project.

You will see from this round of pictures that things are really taking shape.  The waiting room has been stripped of TVs, poster boards and notices and been replaced with a wooden strutted ceiling and fairly lights - for now at least.

At the end of this week, Dr Iles and Lyn (Triage ANP) will move into the new clinical rooms.  The admin team will temporarily relocate to the new extension while the walls are knocked through upstairs to create the new admistrative space above the waiting room.

Thank you for bearing with us; it is going to look great when it's finished.



As you can see from the photos, enormous progress has been made.  The large two-storey building will need to be ready first so that Dr Iles can move into one of the rooms temporarily.  His room will be knocked through to make a corridor to the front extension which will house two shiny new consulting rooms.

The process becomes a little harder now as the building works progress inside.  Over the weekend, a landing was constructed from the admin floor across to the new building.  The four day Easter break will give the builders a chance to crack on with creating the ceiling in the waiting room.  At the moment, every room is quite crowded.  The high waiting room ceiling has given us the opportunity to create an administrative space above. 

In preparation, you will notice the TVs vanish and the poster boards removed just before Easter.

The waiting room furnishings and reception desk are being removed and replaced to provide patients with a fresh, brighter room.  We will endeavour to get these works done with minimal disruption to our patients.  I am looking forward to seeing the current, dated bench seating ripped out; it certainly has had its day!


The new building is well and truly starting to emerge; the surgery looks to be twice the size from the outside.

The roofing timbers arrived and before you knew it, the scaffolders were scurrying about, swiftly followed by the carpenters who had the roofing timbers in situ in a trice. 

The new building is now being connected to the existing, which unfortunately can cause issues - especially when it is teeming with rain coninually.  The back reception office began a steady leak through the ceiling recently, however with swift intervention from the Patient Coordinators and Super Dan (site manager), the leak was fixed and a disaster overted.

In the coming weekends, the builders will start on putting in place the structure for the mezzanine floor in the waiting room to allow for an admin office above.  All this work will be done at weekends to keep patient disruption to a minimum.

At the moment, the builders are still only 2 and a half weeks behind schedule following the issues at the beginning of the build.  The rear two-storey extension is to be completed first so that the team can move into it while the works to the front and nurses room at the side progress.


It is quite unnerving when one is sitting working away in a first floor office only to suddenly be aware of a person walking past your window!  The builders are now well and truly at first floor level.  The bricklayers have been beavering away outside my upstairs window, often singing as they work.  I think Simon Cowell can rest easy for now; none appear to have that X factor.

On site, in general, it can sometimes be quite chaotic with scaffolders, bricklayers and a steady flow of materials being delivered.  We certainly do have the most patient of patients, who are undeterred by the building works and pleased with the growth of their surgery.  Thank you to all our patients.

As you will see from the photos, there are 3 projects afoot.  The rear two-storey extension, front single-storey extension and nurses room single-storey extension to the side.  The rear extension needs to be finished first so that Dr Iles can move over to the new building while his current room is knocked through to make the corridor access to the two new consulting rooms - these are the rooms you can see in the 'Single-storey - front' photos.

Yesterday, the builders were connecting the new build to the old rear entrance, so...they are now in the building!


The building is changing faster than I can take pictures.  The rear and side extensions are now up to first floor level; it won't be long before the builders will be knocking through walls in the existing building to connect the new rooms.

Every day is a continuous hive of activity with deliveries of materials and a mix of various contractors busying about.

We do appreciate that with these works taking place, there can be a shortage of parking.  Please bear with us.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  The outcome will be a much improved community surgery for the east of Southampton City. 


The project got off to a slow start just before Christmas.   The builders discovered issues with drainage running under the building.  The foundations for the consulting room to the front of the building had already been excavated, however, with the drainage issues, this extension had to wait.

While a solution was being found, nothing could progress.  This waiting period included a very wet spell, so wet in fact, that it collapsed the walls of the foundations.  Thankfully, the contractors were fairly swift with a solution and the drainage was re-routed.  The foundations were excavated for a second time and filled with concrete, just in time to dry out over the Christmas break.

We are back on track now and the site is a hive of activity.  There has been a steady flow of lorries laden with beams, breeze blocks, and bricks.  The noise hasn't been too bad; just the occasional drilling can be somewhat disruptive.  Still, it will all be worth it when the work is complete and we have additional clinical and admin space to be able to offer our patients more services in their community.