Mental Health

We understand that at this time things maybe more challenging for people. Please be reassured we are here if you need us and encourage you to make contact if you need to discuss any physical or mental health concerns.  There are links to resources available via the surgery website.

Below are some useful resources which you may find helpful if you are currently facing mental health difficulties. The resources are aimed to provide our patient’s with hope that their situation can be improved and to guide you to develop coping strategies to meet your individual needs.

We understand that every person is different. Other resources are available, but we have provided those that we feel may be more beneficial and offer you choice.  If you cannot find something from the resources that you feel suits your needs, then please discuss your concerns with your GP.



Drug & Alcohol services – Aged 26 and over

DASH via Nolimits website for those aged 25 and under

Alcoholics Anonymous:  0800 0177 650

Narcotic anonymous:  0300 999 1212


Financial support