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The my mHealth range of apps are designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive to help you manage your condition.

They are designed and built by experts.  The my mHealth apps also bring you closer to your clinician, enabling you to easily get support from your specialist when you need it.

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  • Educational videos
  • Inhaler techniques
  • Lung function
  • Symptom and Assessment tracking
  • Monitor and manage your blood glucose and HbA1c
  • Action plan
  • Notifications, Checklists and Targets

My mhealth, Changing Healthcare Forever

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myAsthma myCOPDmyDiabetes myHeart

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Interested?  Text set me up to:  07480 632337
Let us know and we'll help you get set up. Your specialist clinicians, Joyce or Claire will support you on your my mhealth journey.