Coronavirus Isolation Help


This is a group set up for Southampton residents to offer support for those affected by Coronavirus. If you can offer help to those affected by the Coronavirus (those in self-isolation, elderly, disabled, immunosuppressed), please post in the group. You can help by driving, collecting or delivering food, accessing information, phone calls, etc. Equally, if you need any support, please feel free to ask for support in the group.

ISOLATION HOTLINE: 07923 353 365  You can share this phone number with people who may be affected. When affected people get in touch, we can then re-direct their needs to the local WhatsApp groups (links at bottom).

If you can help regularly, please join your closest WhatsApp group chat. If you can only help irregularly, post in the Facebook group when you are available and how you can help. The Facebook group will be the central group.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not take or offer medical advice on this group. See the following link for the NHS guidance:

Published: Mar 18, 2020