Mrs M D-B, December 2020

I would like take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Townhill surgery for their hard work and support. I know you are trying your best in the challenging circumstances and as far as we are concerned we feel you have been doing so successfully.


Mrs Marsh, May 2020

"I cannot be more complimentary of our surgery!  Everybody here is just so helpful and friendly!"

M White, November 2019

At last a practice that cares about its patients 

"After 30+ years of being registered with a closer practice to where we live, we made the decision to join Townhill Surgery. This was because we had seen a progressive decline in the patient care being offered and the fact that communication with the surgery was almost impossible. What we have received at Townhill Surgery is quite a different experience. Whether you ring up or go in person you are treated with respect and valued and everyone wants to help you. My appointments with the doctor and nurses have been excellent. Punctual, professional and actually treating you as a human being. Moreover, there was a proactive approach to looking after myself with suggestions and actions taken. After such a long time being with another surgery I was worried about the move. However, my experience has only been positive and I would recommend Townhill Surgery to other potential patients, who may be considering a similar move. Thank you to everyone at Townhill Surgery for making us feel welcome, valued and important."

Mrs Dimcheski, May 2019

"Both Dr Iles and Nurse Joyce went about and beyond to help my daugher.  I cannot express enough how fantastic they both were; please tell them to keep doing what they are doing and don't change."

Ms Small, April 2019

"I am emigrating to Spain but wanted to say thank you to everyone.  I have always been very happy here and the team are all very helpful.   I have worked with the public for a number of years and know how hard it is and what pressure you are under."

Mrs C, March 2019

"There has been improvements in the surgery in the last 6-9 months.  I like the personal feel Townhill now offer, people remember that my child was poorly and ask after him.  I am always greeted kindly and warmly.The patient Coordinators are very kind and thoughtful and will do anything to help.  As a female patient with female medical issues it is fantastic to now see 2 lady doctors at the surgery; I have seen both, Dr Macaulay and Dr O'Shaughnessy - they are both exceptional".

Mrs K, March 2019

"I wish to put my situation now on Record. I have to say Dr Iles is outstanding, and could well have saved my life by his actions in referring me to the TAU/ Orthopaedic Unit at Soton General. I am now going to have to have Cancer treatment and plastic surgery at the Stanmore , Sarcoma specialists.

An earlier diagnosis could have meant this being avoided. I am forever in his debt. Dr Iles is my prime choice for any future appointments."

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by Aleksandra L gave Townhill Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Outstanding patient care and service

I would like to say a BIG thank you to ALL staff members for the outstanding patient service and care. My experience has always been great. Everyone there is really engaged and you feel that they do care about you and your issues. I have never waited too long on the line, the assessments over the phone were quick and accurate and I was booked even on the same day when it was needed. The only reason why we left the practice last month was due to moving out of the town. And my biggest regret was that we had to change the GP practice at this point. We will definitely re-register with you if we ever come back to Southampton. Thank you so much for taking care for your patients so well. Best wishes!

Visited in September 2020, Posted on 12 November 2020

by R Groom gave Townhill Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Just Fantastic

Townhill Surgery is just fantastic, always easy to contact. The Doctors and the rest of the team there are just GREAT. What more could a unwell person ask for. AAAAAA+

Visited in July 2020, Posted on 27 July 2020